Influencer marketing

Want to amp up your brand with the help of talents but not quite sure where to start or what to do? Let us help you strategize and set up a content plan from start to finish; from the strategic set-up of talents and marketing plans to content production and execution.

influencer marketing

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Want to amp up your brand with the help of talents but not quite sure where to start or what to do? Get inspired by taking a look at our cases.

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what we do

We offer a full scope of influencer marketing. From ideation to creation to estimation. With our expertise, we take on the role as a consultant, execute your campaign from start to finish and write out a 360° plan. We have the in-house tools to monitor your campaigns and even predict them.

  • influencer strategy

    influencer strategy

    we have an intake
    interview with the client,
    determine the kpi's, timing
    and budget

  • sourcing


    we select the most
    interesting influencers
    to work with

  • creative proposal

    creative proposal

    the client receives
    a full creative proposal
    from us

  • creative production

    creative production

    from ideation to creation,
    our creative team makes
    stunning content to bring
    your concept to life

  • campaign management

    campaign management

    we brief the most
    interesting influencers and
    we manage the entire

  • final report

    final report

    after the campaign
    we will create a custom
    made report

  • evaluation


    the results, insights and
    next steps are evaluated
    together with the campaign
    manager and the client


types of influencers

As influencer marketing has become wildly successful, influencer types have proliferated. There are many different categories of influencers, with creators to suit every industry niche! And that’s the first challenge where we can help you: identifying the best types of influencers to deliver real results for your brand.

With a database full of talents on both a micro and a macro, we can reach your target audience by identifying the right influencers that match your core values and your followers.

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