Beachlife x Nina Warink Co Collab

Concept - Influencer - Strategy - Production - Content Creation - Campaign Management

Briefing: Reach the community of Beachlife in an effective and innovative way.

Nina Warink and Dutch swimwear brand Beachlife joined creative forces in co-creation, resulting in not one, but two stunning limited edition collections of swimwear that seamlessly combined both their perspectives and styles. Nina is an icon and great example for many young women who like to wear trendy swimwear with a good fit. Nina enables this group to shine on the beach in her favourites. Designed with a sustainable vision. To successfully launch the collections, we went to Italy and South Africa to produce a campaign video and images together with Nina. The video and images were used both as a sneak peek to announce the collection as well as to boost the collection during the sale.

By co-creating a collection with Nina, Beachlife could benefit from her reach and the engagement with her community. Nina involved her community in the creation process which made her aware of their specific wants and needs. Therefore, Beachlife was able to create collections which fit those preferences. The community’s trust in Nina, and the authenticity of the co-created collections are at the core of this collaboration. Trust and authenticity are important success factors in both co-creation and influencer marketing overall.

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