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Create a video concept and influencer strategy containing the functional elements for the Ray Ban Everglasses.

In this campaign, we took Ray-Ban's Everglasses collection to the next level with the 'Never without a pair' campaign. The objective of our campaign was to highlight that the advanced technology of these glasses allows you to wear them continuously, both indoors and outdoors, without the need to take them off. With the help of influencers: Rien Welsink, Isadee Jansen and Isa Scholten and by targeting men and women seeking fashionable sunglasses, we ensured that our audience helped us achieve the technological boost we needed to enhance the brand reputation.

The campaign showcased Ray-Ban's sunglasses' functionality through visually appealing content. Collaborating with brand-aligned influencers allowed us to maintain a consistent style across multiple social media accounts, resulting in an engaged audience and increase brand awareness.

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